Monday, May 10, 2010

Blended Baby Round Ripple

Mostly this is a technique more than a pattern. Just take your favorite Round Ripple pattern and baby yarn in the colors you want for baby.
Here is a few links to some of my favorite Round Ripple patterns out there.

Around the Rosy baby blanket

Star shaped Afghan Pattern by Diva Crochets.

Lyn's Round Ripple

Pick from one of these great patterns or use your favorite.

I used a real light weight baby yarn in a green and lavender. Any colors in the same family like reds and oranges, yellows and oranges, blues and greens etc... are great in this technique.

I started the pattern with 2 strands of the green doing about a third of the total rows I want in the round ripple.  I like to do the same amount of rows for each color change. I just like the look but it's really up to you.
When your ready to start blending drop one strand of the green and pick up a strand of the lavender. Do the amount of rows you want with that and then to change colors you'll drop the green and pick up another strand of the lavender and continue on with 2 strands of lavender.

You can do however many color changes you want and make it as big or little as you want it's all up to you.

This also works in a Granny Square pattern too. I did this bedspread for my Mother In Law a couple years back. As you can see there are no rules to the color combos. :) see my post on my Blended Granny Lapghan for directions on this kind of blending.

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Anonymous said...

You have fab taste in color & design. I love the Tulip Baby Quilt. Could you please tell me how you did the frilly border? I'm not that experienced and need instruction. I appreciate your ability to look at a quilt and transpose it into a crochet pattern. Awesome! Thanks, Tammie